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Preparation of reports boosts the standard   of work in institutions.
In this workshop, we will provide participants with the skills required in the writing of reports.
Training from A to Z
Key components of the training process are: the trainer, trainee, training environment, the training program and training methods or tools. To ensure the effectiveness of the training process, follow-up and monitoring are required. 
This workshop will provide institutions and aspiring trainers with the basic tools and skills for successful training.
Strategic Planning and Drafting Work Plans  
Planning is a key function of senior leadership. It is an on-going process that ends only with the attainment of tasks. 
Working without a plan is an exercise in futility and loss of time. Reaching institutional goals becomes elusive with no planning.  This workshop will provide participants with the skills needed for better planning.
Institutional and individual Performance Evaluation and Balanced Performance Scorecard 
The course aims to: 
Highlighting the importance of performance and its proper measurement. 
Linking performance measurement to strategic planning to achieve objectives 
Using successful Methods and Tools to measure institutional Performance. 
Training on the use of a balanced scorecard to measure performance. 
- The session depends on the registration of a minimum number of participants 
- Seats are limited, so please confirm your registration by paying fees 
- We have the right to postpone the session due to circumstances beyond our hands
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