Media and Press courses

Covering Conflicts

This course is designed to provide journalists with the basic skills necessary to cover war zones. It is intended to help them undertake their professional duties while maintaining their safety.

Coverage of human rights issues

This course is designed to supply participants with necessary skills for the news media coverage of human rights issues.

Coverage of environmental issues

This course is designed to provide participants with the basic skills needed to cover issues related to the environment, with emphasis on the need for a specialized department to cover this type of cases in all media institutions.

Preparation and Presentation of Radio Programs

Goals of the Session:

Introduction to the different types of radio programs (chat shows, feature shows, live programs, news bulletins, sports and cultural programs).The session also introduces participants t
o the various techniques of preparation of each type of program.
Teamwork in radio programs
Preparation and presentation of radio programs
Listener participation in radio programs
Directing different radio programs
Communication with listeners as a means of enriching radio programs.
Performance rating of participants by the instructor and the participants themselves.
Working with participants to acquaint them with best  approaches to radio presentation
This session is open to anyone who has a general interest in radio programs.
Those who are currently working at a radio station or would like to secure a job at one.
This training session includes visits to Ayyam أيام and Spin radio stations to observe the ins and outs of radio programs.
Legal protection for journalists
This course is designed to raise the degree of professional journalism
And to prevent journalists from falling under the legal accountability by introducing  them to legislation of  journalism
This course is targeting journalists and media institutions and journalists in dealing with public and private institutions .

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