how to deal with media?
The course aims to provide the officials of public and private institutions who deal with the media
with Basic information about the work of the media, how to face the mediaand to respond to questions from journalists and teach them the basics of  media art, e.g  interviews, press conferences, writing press releases .
 Sectors media skills
This course is designed to meet the needs of workers in different sectors to learn the basic skills of the media and how to deal with the media according to the specificity of each sector .
Media and Crisis Management
This course is designed to familiarize the staff of companies of public and private institutions and sections of the media and public relations role that should be played by the media organizations in times of crisis and what is the role of media and public relations officers in communicating with the public at the outbreak of a crisis and the nature of the media message in these times .
Skills Spokesman art of dealing with the media - to government institutions
This course is designed to enhance the efficiency of spokespersons in the ministries and various government institutions  for dealing with the media .
Journalism Editing:
This course is designed to provide initial and basic principles of the editing of the press and the newly journalists wishing to learn the basics of journalistic editing .

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