The art of rhetoric and face the public - in Arabic
This course is designed to refine the capabilities of wanting to learn the art of public speaking in Arabic and face the public, and define the foundations of a successful speech and how to overcome the feelings that prevent  facing  the public efficiently.
Media and Elections
This course is designed to familiarize participants with the professional rules of the management of election campaigns from the perspective of how to set up  media and information program for the electoral campaign and the preparation of press releases and arranging press conferences .
The art of writing and expression
 This course is designed to teach participants the rules and origins of successful writing and effective expression through the art of writing press releases and writing the column .
Media skills for Diplomatic 
This course is designed to familiarize diplomatic new principles and principles for dealing with the media, especially in times of crisis .
Spokesman art of dealing with the media - for companies
This course is designed to enhance the efficiency of spokespersons in companies and employees in the departments of public relations in the private sector , through the clarification of the foundations of professional  dealing  with media.
 Communication skills for non-specialists
This course is designed to familiarize the media with the barriers of  good communication with others. And choose the most appropriate means to express or convey messages to others . And determine how you want others to see you out and communicate non-operative non-verbal communication
And dealing with sudden or awkward positions
- The session depends on the registration of a minimum number of participants 
- Seats are limited, so please confirm your registration by paying fees 
- We have the right to postpone the session due to circumstances beyond our hands








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