Self Development courses

Developing Skills of Administrative Leadership

The course aims to provide participants with the skills of leadership necessary to motivate and organize the work of human resources for the advancement of the company fr

om all aspects.

Managerial leadership

Because it is difficult to motivate people to do their duties, it is important for aspiring managers to be acquainted with the basic skills needed for successful managers.

Self-management Skills , Communication and the  Art of Dealing with Customers and the public at  Large

The possession of communication skills has become one of the requirements of institutional and personal growth.

This workshop will provide participants with the basic communications skills and teach them proper techniques for serving their customers and the public at large.


Time Management, Effective Delegation and Facing  workPressures

These important skills serve many purposes, including better handling of time as an important resource  and  the ability to improve decision. 


Requirements of  Success, Excellence and Creativity

This workshop provides participants with the ingredients of success and takes them along the road of perfection, creativity and excellence to improve their professional career.

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