Self Development courses

Forming  Work Teams and Effective Meetings

Team work is the means to an end, or the way to achieve a certain goal. The goal might be increasing productivity or improving the quality of customer service. In spite of these varying goals, all departments need to learn how to manage themselves. Participants will learn how to effectively form teams and hold successful meetings to improve productivity.


Presentation Skills and influential talk

 Introducing or presenting ourselves to others are important factors for success. Non- verbal communication is essential to effective communication with people around us.

This workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to properly present yourself which will support your success and increase your employability.


Behavioral skills and teamwork

This course is designed to provide participants withthe skills necessary to work within teams wither the team goal is to increase productivity or improve the quality or morale or  upgrade  the relationship with customers.!


Engineering success and positive thinking

This workshop will teach participants the importance of positive thinking for self and institutional development. It will to provide them with skills necessary to be among the five percent who have achieved real and measurable successes.


 Good governance for Public and Private Institutions

  This workshop will teach participants the importance of adhering to good- governance practices for institutional success and development. 

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