Self Development courses

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This workshop will teach participants the criteria involved in decision making and steps that should be taken to encounter and solve problems.


Managing Change

This workshop will teach participants how to manage change and how to utilize it for the success and development of their institutions.


Leadership Skills

This workshop introduces participants to the art of leadership with special focus on the qualities that leaders should have. The workshop also tackles all kinds of leadership.


Creative Thinking

 There is no specific definition for the concept of creativity. Some look at it as mental process others view it as the individual's ability to produce or create with the greatest intellectual fluency, flexibility and originality). This workshop will dig deep into the realm of creativity and put participants on the wondrous road of creativity.


CV Writing & Interview Skills "How to Get That Job!"

A good CV and covering letter will help show a potential employer the expertise an individual will bring to a role. It is their chance to sell skills, knowledge and experience and let the employer know that they are the right person for the job.
This training course material will help participants create an effective, professional CV that will catch the interest of potential employers and assist them in getting that crucial interview.
The session will also explore the topic of cover letters and how to ensure they are developed in such a way that they promote the person and their achievements and encourage any employer to read their CV, and grant the job-seeker the position he was dreaming of.
- The session depends on the registration of a minimum number of participants 
- Seats are limited, so please confirm your registration by paying fees 
- We have the right to postpone the session due to circumstances beyond our hands



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