About Us

Imdad is a non-for-profit media training center working out of Amman, the Capital of The Hashemite Kingdom.

Our main goal is to increase awareness of the professional standards of journalism, and to highlight the responsible role of media as a partner in development.

The global media scene has witnessed major transformations in the past few years. Electronic and social media have achieved unprecedented levels of popularity and far-reaching influence across the world.

We believe that, despite (and because of) these radical changes in global media trends, atmosphere, the need for upholding professional standards is as strong as it has always been, if not stronger than ever before.

We also believe that recurrent violations of ethical and professional standards demonstrated by some media outlets today threatens  the very core of press freedom and creates an atmosphere where fewer citizens are willing to be vigilant about protecting the integrity of the media scene.

 Basic media skills have become necessary tools for all citizens. Any person who possesses these essentials powers is better positioned   to communicate his message better. 

Media empowerment has become a basic human right for all people. 


That is why we at Imdad Media Center, are committed to providing journalists and media persons with the latest and most up-to-date professional skills  and standards to enable them to serve society in the most effective and competent manner.

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